Second build submitted to the store

15 March 2014

After the first beta release a couple of days ago, a second build fixing the most important crashes has been submitted to the store, for certification.

It should notably fix the crash on start, on some machines, but other stability issues, on the music side too!

We’d like to thank the new contributors that helped.

It should appear automagically in a few hours on the store.

Next release, next week!

Have a nice week-end!

Jean-Baptiste Kempf


  1. On 1 May 1010, 9:12 by unihorn


    I added bug found maddentist:…………

  2. On 1 May 1010, 8:45 by unihorn

    [@unihorn: please use the trac for bug reports.]




    Forgive for bad English.

  3. On 1 May 1010, 1:50 by Andrew

    I haven’t been able to download the app over the last few days. Is there a deployment issue in the store currently?


  4. On 31 May 31310, 4:23 by Jean-Baptiste Kempf

    @unihorn: please use the trac for bug reports.

  5. On 31 May 31310, 4:21 by unihorn

    [One more bug. If soundtrack (in the video file) in the ogg format, a sound rattles (if to convert (by means of avidemux) a sound in AAC, everything is normal).]

    OGM (vorbis video format). Similarly. Vorbis (sound) stammers…

    And, seemingly, video brakes on a local area network (takes place sound mistiming (when viewing))… When I came up against this situation, I had to copy video (on the local machine) for normal viewing.

  6. On 22 May 22220, 9:35 by Krunchy

    Thanks for the workd done; a few thinks that d’ont work for me:

    • you added posibility for viedo to choose the folder, but it doesnt work, or it is too long!
    • it’s still not possible for the audio to do it
    • media srver knox regnozise my tv

    Thanks again and good luck

  7. On 20 May 20200, 8:48 by unihorn

    To maddentist. Subtitles need to be selected quickly (to be in time to “freezing”). Then, at worst (if is frozen" after subtitle choice), it is necessary to click the Enter key (for activation selected).

    But yes. It would be desirable automatic “attachment” of subtitlings, and a choice of several videofiles in a dialog of a choice of videofiles (as in VLC for Classic UI)…

    Small-sized bug: in a dialog of a choice of videofiles there are no signatures under files.

    If codecs aren’t set (with VLC they aren’t necessary (I have VLC for Classic UI and VLC for Modern UI)), there is no preview also, only tooltips.


    But, on any, support of video of 10 bits in Modern UI is a great thing!

    I hope bugs (the most unpleasant bug is problems with sounrtrack choice (audiotrack? I am Russian how it will be in English? ) in videofile) will be corrected, and, VLC for Classic UI will be equal in the future, VLC for Modern UI (as far as it is possible).

  8. On 19 May 19190, 3:59 by maddentist

    There seems to be a problem with subtitle file opening.
    I can click on the corresponding icon (a buble with " inside) but then, the mouse cursor disappears while the file picker page is shown and VLC is frozen while sound is still running in the background. The only way to get out of this is to kill VLC.

    Anyway, thanks for VLC, keep up the good work !

  9. On 19 May 19190, 10:14 by unihorn

    After up-dating I began to take off when opening videofile (from a file manager (any, not only file managers of for Modern UI): click on an icon).

    Often takes off when opening videofile from VLC (“to Open” an icon or an icon from video database)…

    By the way… From all my video, in video database couple of files is displayed only… Remaining videofiles aren’t displayed…

    In music database there is no division into albums (division into atists not always conveniently)… And music sometimes stammers (not really often, but it happens)…

    I had a feeling that after up-dating, VLC became more unstable…

    Windows 8.1. PC.

  10. On 18 May 18180, 7:23 by Jean-Baptiste Kempf

    @David Nield: are you dense on purpose or something? There is a known crash at start that is getting fixed with updated version.

  11. On 18 May 18180, 5:35 by David Nield

    Never in my life have I seen anything as useless as this VLC version for Windows 8.1. I am a great admirer of VLC in general and use it for all my video and music but this 8.1 version just crashes as soon as it starts and fails to open any music or video file. A bit like all the useless apps in the Microsoft Store.

  12. On 17 May 17170, 9:01 by Tourniquet

    As i said before, you can’t open “m4v” files either. Its still great to finally see the progress!

  13. On 17 May 17170, 11:29 by Anonymous blog

    Microsoft News | First Update For VLC Player In Windows

    (…) Source: Jean-Baptise Kempf (…)

  14. On 17 May 17170, 10:25 by Martin Klein

    I just want to open a “wtv” (Windows Media Center) Video but can not Register “VLC for Windows 8” for this filetype. WTV is supported in all other VLC Versions.
    Thanks. Martin Klein

  15. On 17 May 17170, 9:41 by unihorn

    If (in Windows 8.1) to open the video file from SkyDrive for Modern UI (or other file manager of for Modern UI), this video file opens “division of the screen into two and more parts”. Is it normal.


    But if after that, to expand video to the full screen, it moves aside (at a size of a window of the file manager of for Modern UI. And it, already, not normal.


    It would be desirable corrections (and corrections of switching of soundtrack (about it I wrote to comments above)).

    Opportunity to open (from the file manager) in VLC for Modern UI all files supported by it (and not would like also; and supports at least MM keys.

    One more bug. If soundtrack (in the video file) in the ogg format, a sound rattles (if to convert (by means of avidemux) a sound in AAC, everything is normal).

    Best Regards.

  16. On 16 May 16160, 11:15 by Jean-Baptiste Kempf

    @Sylvester: this bug is tracked and will be killed soon.

  17. On 16 May 16160, 11:15 by Jean-Baptiste Kempf

    @Toaddy: it’s normal, it has not been processed yet.

  18. On 16 May 16160, 6:10 by Anonymous blog

    VLC Beta se actualiza para corregir errores

    (…) Jean-Baptiste, presidente de VideoLAN Kempf escribió en su blog: (…)

  19. On 16 May 16160, 2:52 by Toaddy

    Still getting “remote procedure call failed” on both Surface Pro1 and gaming desktop machine (Haswell I7) - both running WinPro 8.1

  20. On 16 May 16160, 11:41 by Sylvester

    Finally :) In my testing so far, app works well only issue I have had is when you pause a movie and decide to watch something else, that new video will start from the same spot as the paused movie.

  21. On 15 May 15150, 8:30 by unihorn

    Cool! At last I saw release! ! !

    But there is a bug with switching of soundtrack… Not everywhere it can be done (even if there is the corresponding badge, in certain cases, there is no corresponding menu). Often there is no badge also (though in the file more than one soundtrack)…

    You will correct this bug (and it would be desirable additions of management by subtitles delay…)?

    Now I wait the version for ARM. :)

    Best Regards.

  22. On 15 May 15150, 3:49 by Anonymous blog

    Microsoft News | Update For VLC Submitted to the Windows

    (…) Source: Jean-Baptise Kempf (…)

  23. On 15 May 15150, 3:48 by Anonymous blog

    Microsoft News | Update For VLC Submitted to the Windows

    (…) Source: Jean-Baptise Kempf (…)